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Finishes / Colours

Finishes / Colours

The surface finishing of natural stone is a key factor in determining its final appearance.


This is a natural split product, where the stone is placed under a hydraulic machine and pressure is exerted on the stone between two hardened points to split to the required sizes. Cropped stone is mainly used for building stone and quoins.


The Polished finish is highly reflective, mirror gloss finish. The full colour, depth and crystal structures of the stone is visible. A polished finish seals surface pores and is, therefore, nearly impervious to weather and chemical wear. This is best suited for internal or ornamental uses.

Bush Hammered

The bush hammer quite literally removes all traces of any previous treatments. A mechanical hammer beats the slabs and leaves a series of indentations on the surface.

The final appearance can vary in accordance with the size of the hammer used, the number of points on the hammer head and the force applied. Bush hammered stone is mainly used for paving and gate posts.


A smooth, satin surface without reflection, the Honed finish shows the full colour of the stone. It is produced on the same equipment as the polished finishes' however, the honing process ends prior to the buffing stage.

Flamed or Thermal

The Thermal finish is produced by applying a high-temperature flame to the surface of the stone. This flame fractures crystals on the face, leaving a rought-texture finish. Highly skid resistant, this finish is an excellent choice for walking surfaces.
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